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We’re excited to continue the MFAM Project by supporting the MFAM and #MFAMPets with vet bills and resources needed. Life happens and we know taking care of our pets can sometimes be very expensive and pop up unexpectedly. We care and want to help, so every month we’ll be sponsoring a handful of you to assist with your vet bills. Click ‘APPLY NOW’ below and fill out the form to get started!

Make sure to send us pics of your beloved pets on Twitter and social media using #JoeJoeFund and #MFAMPets!

What is the JoeJoe Fund?

The JoeJoeFund is a resource set up by Nick & Emu to help pay the vet bills and procedure costs of MFAM pets.

Every month, Nick & Emu will go through all of the applications and choose a few or more applicants to sponsor & help pay their vet expenses.

What kind of care does the JoeJoe Fund help pay for?

The Joe Joe Fund provides financial assistance for most kinds of care, excluding basic care such as spay & neuter procedures, vaccinations, dental care, etc.

How can I apply for the JoeJoe Fund?

If you think you and your pet may be eligible, you can sign up by filling out the application linked below.

Can I apply if I don’t live in the United States?

The JoeJoe Fund is currently only available for applicants and pets who live in the United States.

Do I have to provide proof of ownership of my pet?

Yes, in order to be eligible for the JoeJoe Fund, we may ask you for proof of ownership of the pet that you need financial assistance with. Additionally, we may ask you for proof that the animal is not a temporary adoption and/or will be eventually rehomed.

Do I have to be subscribed on Twitch to apply?

You do not have to be subscribed to NICKMERCS on Twitch or any platform to be eligible for this program.

How do I know if I got picked for the JoeJoe Fund?

Sponsorships will be announced monthly. If we consider accepting your application, we will reach out to you with additional information and set up the next step(s) in the process. 

Please note – we will likely receive thousands of submissions each month. If your pet requires immediate emergency services, we will do our best to help but cannot guarantee selection at any time for any reason.

Will the JoeJoe Fund help with past vet expenses or deceased pets?

We will not be offering financial assistance for outstanding vet bills for past procedures, or any expenses having to do with deceased animals.

Can I donate to the JoeJoe Fund?

We are currently not accepting donations for the JoeJoe Fund. Nick & Emu will be handling the financial obligations themselves.

How can I contact the JoeJoe Fund if I have further questions?

If you have any questions or inquiries, you can contact us via any of the following ways:

Email us at

Send a DM (direct message) to our @MFAMCentral page on Twitter 

Send a DM to our @joemercs page on Instagram